Service, Maintanance & Repair

Recent changes to F-Gas regulations mean air conditioning units with at least 3kg of refrigerant must be inspected every year. Are you complying to your statutory check? Do you know how much refrigerant is in your system?
Air Con can be vital to a business and home. Faults or break-down can massively affect the atmosphere of your workplace/shop/restaurant/home and may need immediate repair / service.

GJ Aircool Ltd offer a fully comprehensive service and maintenance package at a fraction of the cost compared to larger companies.

A basic service and maintenance visit will include,

  • *Chemical cleaning of evaporator coils.
  • *Chemical cleaning of condenser coil.
    *Cleaning of condensate drain pans/pumps.
    *Clearing of condensate water drainage systems.
    *Cleaning of fan wheels and blades.
    *Checking of all electrical components and connections.
    *Checking of all system settings.
    *Checking of refrigerant cycles/pressures.
    *Cleaning of all fascias.
  • *Checking correct temperatures on heating and cooling.
  • *Annual Leak testing.

Regular, scheduled service known as PPM, Planned Preventive Maintenance – must be carried out to keep air conditioning equipment in efficient working order, optimising its accuracy and efficiency. Preventive maintenance reduces any possibility of equipment failing before they actually do, and enhances the reliability of equipment by replacing / maintaining any worn components prior to them failing.

PPM includes regular and routine cleaning, calibrating & adjusting, lubricating, testing, and where necessary, replacing components and avoiding breakdown.

At some point in it’s lifespan, your air conditioning unit will suffer damage or wear and tear. When this happens you will want your system to be back up and running as soon as possible. With qualified engineers on hand, we can carry out a variety of repairs no matter how large or small the issue.